Agile Coaching and transformation

Technology is moving fast and working agile bringing lots of opportunities for companies, particularly in welcoming change for the customer’s competitive advantage. Finding the right specialists and expertise, however, is also becoming increasingly difficult. We offer consulting and agile transformation in these areas.

Agile Coaching and transformation

Sometimes scaling agile for a company or an organisation requires a smooth transition and a higher level of expertise, corresponding to a longer involvement and duration. Our experienced staff of seniors and influencers do not just teach cutting-edge SMART agile technique and concepts, they also apply them! The organisations we work with and the efforts we make in agile transformation in key industry companies gives us a complete “birds-eye-view” on what it takes to achieve and sustain business agility successfully.

SMART Agile Transformation


We help you improve the Value Stream of your organization for a shorter Time-To-Market. We have the knowledge and experience with SMART, Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methodologies.

SMART Agile Coaching


As proven experts we collaborate with your teams to support their application of the SMART and Lean-Agile principles and mindset.