The team

Scaling agile made smart, right, easy, and to any size

The Scaling Micro Agile® (SMART) is a Swiss-made set of techniques and workflow patterns that empowers businesses and employees to embraces the power of change to create 360° value and shared success in the whole organization and market. It was founded by a “birds-eye-view” to offer a solution that adheres to all the agile and Lean principles that address the challenges and issues in the existing scaling agile methods and frameworks.

Our mission

We enable companies to successfully achieve and sustain business agility for any product size and any number of teams, supporting continuous improvement and scalability. SMART professionals live the dream of the organization’s revolution and success by learning and practicing the methods and techniques to build tomorrow’s innovative ideas and business solutions.

Our method

SMART allows scaling agile to any company size, product size, and number of teams. It adheres to agile and lean principles at all scaling stages.
SMART solves the multi-team agile planning problem on the fly, organizes the dependencies automatically and eliminates the late and lengthy big room agile planning – extra process (a.k.a one of Lean’s seven forms of waste). As one inheriting advantage, agile teams can work autonomously without disruption from other teams’ work or delay in delivering value. SMART enables quick integration of new changes in the product requirements and number of teams at any time with minimum interruption on teams’ activities.

SMART is designed to scale agile by focusing on empowerment and protection of agile teams (Micro Agile) rather than big scaled plans that might need sacrificing high-performing agile teams for a mighty working plan.

SMART not only is easy to implement, but also allows the companies for a roll-out-based agile transformation, which enables enterprises to continually deliver innovative business solutions right away.

Cofounder and Chief Methodologist


Dr. Amir E. Sarabadani Tafreshi

Cofounder & Chief Methodologist