Scrum Artifacts

Within the Scrum team, there are a number of deliverables that are provided by different roles.

  • Product Backlog: Product Backlog is a list of requirements that are typically managed by the product owner and ordered sequentially based on factors such as business value, risk, dependencies, and required delivery dates.
  • Sprint backlog: In sprint planning meetings, the items in the Product Backlog are prioritized according to their estimated size or complexity and divided into time-bound sprints. this list is referred to as the “Sprint Backlog”.
  • Definition of done: the team should agree on how items in the backlog will be marked as complete.
  • Product Increment: each iteration creates a product increment that is integrated into or builds upon an existing product. It must meet the acceptance criteria set by the product owner, meet the team’s definition of “done,” and be of sufficiently high quality to be delivered to users.
  • Burndown charts: the Burndown Charts shows the team’s progress toward the defined goal, expressed in terms of the number of story points remaining in the current sprint.

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