Timeboxing is a fixed period of time within which a specific set of activities should be completed.

Related methods and techniques to Timeboxing

  • Parkinson’s Law

    1. Parkinson’s Law

    Parkinson's Law states that the work tends to expand to fill its allotted time.

  • Student Syndrome

    2. Student Syndrome

    Student Syndrome states that students wait to the last possible moment to start working.

  • Scrum Timeboxing

    3. Scrum Timeboxing

    Some example of Scrum timeboxes that are observed in Scrum Agile teams include:

    Iterations and sprints – 1 to 4 weeks
    Sprint Planning – 2-8 Hours
    Daily standup meetings – 15 minutes
    Sprint review – 1-4 Hours
    Retrospective – 45 min.-3 hours