Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is the process by which two or more parties try to resolve an issue or dispute. The issue negatively affects one or more parties and has escalated to the point where it needs to be resolved.

Related methods and techniques to Conflict Resolution

  • Compromise/Reconcile

    1. Compromise/Reconcile

    Compromise/Reconcile means finding common ground that satisfies all parties.

  • Withdraw/Avoid

    2. Withdraw/Avoid

    Withdrawal/avoidance means withdrawing from a conflict situation.

  • Smooth/Accommodate

    3. Smooth/Accommodate

    Smooth/Accommodate focuses on the areas of agreement rather than disagreement.

  • Collaborate/Problem Solve

    4. Collaborate/Problem Solve

    Collaborate/Problem Solve is the consideration of diverse views and perspectives that leads to consensus and commitment.

  • Force/Direct

    5. Force/Direct

    Force/Direct is the imposition of one's own point of view, which leads to a situation in which one of the parties can only lose.