Agile Contracting

Agile contracts fix time and cost and allow for changes in scope. Some of the popular agile contracts types include: DSDM contracting, Graduated fixed-price contract, fixed-price work packages/features/stories, and Customized contracts.

Related methods and techniques to Agile Contracting

  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Contracting

    1. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Contracting

    DSDM contracting follows DSDM approach and Agile Manifesto (customer collaboration over contract negotiation). DSDM contracting fixes schedule, cost, and quality. Features are the variables in DSDM contracting.

  • Graduated Fixed-Price Contract

    2. Graduated Fixed-Price Contract

  • Fixed-Price Work Packages, Features, Stories

    3. Fixed-Price Work Packages, Features, Stories

    For fixed-price work package contracts, the cost of each work package or feature is estimated. Changes in scope reflect new estimates for those work packages or features. The budget for the work remains fixed, and the team works on the prioritized work packages, features, or user stories until the budget is used up.

  • Customized contracts

    4. Customized contracts

    In customised contracts, the buyer and seller can make any agreement as they wish.
    One of these contract types could be the development of a multi-stage contract, with each stage adapting the contract to a new model such as a graduated fixed price or DSDM contract.