Agile Charters

The Agile Charter is the first and required document for starting an Agile project.

What is Agile Charters

The Agile Charter is the first and a must-have document for an Agile project. It authorizes the project and the team. Stakeholders come together to reach a common understanding of the product, vision, mission, and goals. Agile charters are broad and high-level. Agile charters define:
  • What the project is about
  • Why are we doing this project?
  • Who will be involved or impacted?
  • When will the project start and end?
  • Where the project will take place
  • How the goals of the project will be achieved

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  • Agile Charter Key Elements

    1. Agile Charter Key Elements

    Agile charter key elements include:

    • Vision Statement
    • Team rules (constitution)
    • Code of Conduct
    • Communication rules
    • Definition of Done/Success factors
  • Product Vision and Elevator Pitch

    2. Product Vision and Elevator Pitch

    The product vision is defined at the beginning of the agile chartering meeting.
    The format of the elevator pitch is as follows:

    For [customer segment]
    who [want to/need jobs to be done]
    the [name of the product] is a [category of the product]
    that [main advantages of the product and reasons for using or buying the product].
    Unlike [competing value proposition],
    our product [description of the main differences]

  • Project Tweet

    3. Project Tweet

    The project tweet describes the goals of the project in 280 characters or less. Project tweets are set at a high level and created by project customers within the project team.