Conflict Management

What is Conflict Management

When a conflict has occurred, it is necessary to look at the situation objectively, understand the intensity of the conflict, and find the best way to resolve it. Conflict is not always a bad thing. Positive conflicts create options, solutions and innovative ideas. For example, innovation can only come from the free exchange of opposing ideas. However, harmful, destructive conflicts must be addressed seriously and in a timely manner. Leas proposed a conflict assessment model to evaluate and respond to different levels of conflict. Leas' conflict level model consists of five levels. Conflict levels include:1) Problem to Solve, 2) Disagreement, 3) Contest, 4) Crusade or Fight/Flight and 5) World War.   Conflict resolution methods include
  • Withdraw/Avoid
  • Smooth/Accommodate
  • Compromise/Reconcile
  • Force/Direct
  • Collaborate/Problem Solve

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