Certified SMART Scrum Master

Certified SMART Scrum Master


Scrum has become a very popular framework for product development in recent years. The framework is successful because it assigns clear roles and responsibilities and provides tools that facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Inspired by the Agile philosophy, the Scrum framework is commonly used by members of software development teams, but it is also effective in any other department.

In an Agile Scrum environment, the Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum team adheres to the Agile values and principles and follows the agreed-upon processes. The Scrum Master is sometimes referred to as an agile coach or iteration manager. In addition to guiding Scrum teams in the right direction and facilitating their work, the Scrum Master is also responsible for optimizing the work of Scrum teams to maximize their productivity. A Certified SMART Scrum Master knows exactly what are his roles and responsibilities and how to fulfill them most effectively in practice.

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