Certified SMART Product Owner

Certified SMART Product Owner


Scrum has become a very popular framework for product development in recent years. The framework is successful because it assigns clear roles and responsibilities and provides tools that facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Inspired by the agile philosophy, the Scrum framework is commonly used by members of software development teams, but it is also effective in any other department.

In an agile Scrum environment, product owners decide which product increments and iterations are of high value and which should be reserved for upcoming sprint plannings. They keep an eye on the product backlog, decide on priorities, and make sure everyone on the team has a clear understanding of the goals.

Product owners must have a clear understanding of the business, the market, and the customer. Their decisions must be based on a solid understanding of the nature of the business, market behavior, and customer needs. They must exercise significant authority in controlling product features. Since more complex projects may require multiple agile teams to work together, product owners should be able to understand and perform their duties even in a scaled Agile environment.

A Certified SMART Product Owner has all of the above skills and knows how to use them most effectively in practice. He knows how to transform product development into value for stakeholders even in a large-scale Agile environment.

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