Certified SMART Agilist

Certified SMART Agilist


The evolution of the agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) has a clear goal: to rapidly deliver software builds through an incremental and iterative process that aims to adapt and improve software quality from the end user's perspective.

In an agile environment, there are no successful iterations or projects without agile teams. They have everything they need to achieve big goals in a short time. How is it done? Everyone on the team knows how powerful it is and how to use it. The end result is achieving big goals without burning out.

Agile team structure is the first step to success in agile development. Take the example of a fire department team. If a fire department doesn't have the right members, lieutenants or captains, will it put out the fire? The short answer is no. Team structure is of utmost importance.

Therefore, during agile development, each member should know what each role on the team entails. A Certified SMART Agilist has knowledge and understanding of the roles of the development team members in Agile and how the Agile team works together to deliver the improvements and increments defined for each iteration.

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